Incredible vistas, an unwaveringly still horizon and a wind that demands your attention with its whipping, high speed winds...

What better setting to capture our first campaign than Iceland during the coldest, darkest month of the year? Iceland is a place of extremes, which is something we learned through a series of misadventures upon arrival in December 2018. Severe winds (so strong that could rip our car doors off their hinges) threatened to upend our first day of shooting, with all roads to our first location being closed until after dark. When we finally did arrive to Borgarnes, we had no idea we were mere meters away from a wonderous black mountain. As the sun rose, it was as if a theatre curtain revealed our setting: the glorious peninsula backed by the inky Hafnarfjall mountain. And it was under the cover of this darkness that we’d prepare for each day of shooting, carefully plotting for the available four hours of sunlight each day. Amidst the most gruelling of conditions, our model Alberte Wibrand, juxtaposed her surroundings, pushing against the wind with strength and bravery. Some of our most magnificence images feature Alberte pushing against the unknown. They are like a metaphor for the journey all women make.

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