At Luxton, we take sustainability seriously, taking personal care into each step of the way, from design to construction and beyond.

We work with small batch manufacturers in Toronto and China, who have perfected small order production over their many years in business. Attention to detail is something that cannot be taught. What’s more, care has been taken in the selection process of each material used for our debut collection. We use white goose down and white goose feathers in each of our down garments.  Our down is sourced from a Responsible Down Standard certified company. This standard recognizes responsible use and harvesting of down in accordance of the Five Freedoms: freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury and disease, freedom to express normal behavior and freedom from fear and distress. We use a four-layer inner down construction to contain the down in each channel. This eliminates down migration (read: it stays in its place) and ensures that warm this equally distributed. Riri zippers are the finest in the world, made in Italy and Switzerland, and are nickel free. Wherever possible we include zippers with two-way structure, so that zippers can be undone from the top or bottom of the garment, allowing for flawless use. We use ultra-thin, flat snaps with strong clasping mechanisms. Our snaps are resistant to chipping and abrasion and finished with matte enamel coating. We use powder coated zinc alloy toggles debossed with the brand signet. Our toggles are easy to use while blending seamlessly in each style. We use coats thread, a continuous filament yarn with an exceptionally smooth surface. Our thread is anti-static, thereby reducing down migration and leakage through the needle hole. Our high density Polyester taffeta shell material is finished with a glaze producing a high sheen on the surface of the material. It’s wipeable, water resistance and breathable. Our Cashmere wool blended overcoats are sourced from a mill in Korea revered for their exceptional quality, using only the best raw materials.

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