The Jumpsuit

Our jumpsuit was born out of a need to feel like oneself, even in the depth of a deep freeze.

After searching to avail for stylish, full-body outerwear that would keep her in step with her thoroughly insulated children, our founder, Dinah Luxton, created her own. First, she co-opted a pair of vintage bomber pants into ones that were edgy, relevant, and breathed new life into the possibilities of winter. After a year of trying out the sample, she further modernizing the silhouette into what would inspire our signature piece: a quilted, down-filled jumpsuit that can take you from the kiddie park to the ski hill to dinner. Today, the jump suit reflects that need, filling the void of stylish, yet ultra-warm pieces that go the distance. “It really embodies freedom to me,” says Luxton. In an instant, you are completely put together in the toughest of conditions. A warmer, lighter way to winter.

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